About Scott Cooke

In all areas, Scott Cooke's aesthetic is one of quiet drama and timeless elegance—with attention paid to form and proportion.

Scott Cooke PhotoScott Cooke, a native of Virginia, incorporates a lifetime of design experience into his present aesthetic. Cooke's love of design was nurtured early in life by his paternal grandfather, Dr. Andrew B. Cooke.

Dr. Cooke commissioned famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build the Cooke House, on an acre of lakefront property three blocks from the ocean front in Virginia Beach. Spending extended time in the home as a child left an indelible imprint, and a love of simple, yet dramatic proportion, which is the mainstay of Cooke's design sensibility.

Cooke's first career was in the Fashion industry, where he was a sportswear designer for Oxford Industries in New York, NY, concentrating on the design and development of fabric patterns, to be used for various collections.

After eight years in New York, Cooke opened The Groundskeeper, in Virginia Beach, Va., and won numerous awards for landscape competitions. Cooke returned to school to attain a BFA in Interior Design, and went on to work with the much published designer - Suellen Gregory, Lighting designer - Linda Chinn, Kitchen design firm - Kitchen Design Works, and finally was Project Manager for Hall Of Fame designer—Justine Sancho.

Cooke's collection of experience in the three fields, where each informs the other, makes him a multi-faceted designer. As Scott Cooke Design grows and expands, Cooke enjoys the foundation upon which his company is built, and utilizes the knowledge and experience garnered from this foundation. Scott Cooke Design has participated in three designer show houses, and is listed as one of the Top 100 designers in the Washington area, by Home & Design Magazine. The Scott Cooke Design studio is located in Alexandria, near the historic Old Town district.